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Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery Massage

I work regularly with people who have endured major or minor motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). Though I have practiced MVA healing therapies for over 20 years, my compassion and understanding of how to approach the healing process has deepened since going through my own MVA healing between 2005 and 2010.


My motivation to work with people who have been injured in an MVA is to help them recover to their fullest ability and to a functional and comfortable daily life. Returning to normal physical balance, suppleness, and healthy range of motion are the main issues that most people struggle with after an MVA. Having worked through this journey myself, I can be a more useful guide in your healing process.


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“I have been coming to see Laurie for massage for about 8 years now. Initially when I started seeing her, it was because I had a very severe case of repetitive stress injury in my neck/shoulder for which her massage seemed to offer the only relief. Now I don't see her as often, but it's still one of the best investments of my time. Laurie has an intuitive feel for the knots and stresses we accumulate and how to work them out and this makes her a really excellent massage therapist, the kind that makes you keep coming for 8 years and hoping she never stops!”

-Maruti, Intel Employee


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