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Structural Integration 


Developed over 50 years ago by Dr. Ida Rolf, Structural Integration is a form of hands-on manipulation and movement that addresses realignment and balance of the whole body. The goal of Structural Integration is to improve posture, increase range of motion, reduce pain, and improve overall vitality.


In it’s early years, Structural Integration Therapy, otherwise known as “Rolfing”, gained a bad reputation as being painful, but many brilliant practitioners have since evolved Dr. Rolf’s revolutionary healing techniques. Clients who choose to participate in a Structural Integration series with me will be taking part in interactive “partnership bodywork”, and each individual will be fully in charge of the pace set for their sessions and can determine the depth of pressure that is right for them.


Session Package Options:

Petite: Three sessions, an excellent start on a full program for people with limited time, or perfect for maintaining balance of the body.

Full: Ten sessions, you will experience a well rounded holistically focused program.

Advanced sessions: Focused work dedicated to eradicating long term issues.



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“Your knowledge of the connectivity of our systems is tremendous and so beneficial

to helping someone out over the long term as well.”

-Stephanie, Sr manager of a non profit

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