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A note from Laurie: 


In the fall of 2014 I filled out the online survey for Portland Monthly Magazine’s “Top Doc’s” issue to nominate my “team.” These are the people in my primary referral group, the practitioners I trust with my clients, friends, and family. I am honored and want to extend a big thank you to those of you who trust the work I do enough to put me on their list as well. I will do my utmost to care for those you refer to me.


I am honored to have been nominated for the Portland Monthly Magazine’s Top Doc’s issue for January 2015. This being said, I understand the term “top” is relative; most people who receive massage already have a favorite LMT. It is rare to find two people talking about massage who agree on what is considered the “best” massage, not to mention who is “best.”


If you are considering scheduling a massage, please give me a call. Whether you have a lot of experience, or this is your very first professional massage, we can determine if I offer the kind of massage you are wanting and needing. After a short chat, you will know, first and foremost, if we connect and communicate well as people. Additionally, you will know if my approach to bodywork feels right for you. Don’t be shy! It's important that you connect and feel at ease with the practitioner that you choose. I’m good at what I do, but I’m also clear that the reason there are so many successful massage therapists in Portland, is that there are so many definitions of “top.”

Laurie was chosen by her patients and peers, as a 

Top Natural Practitioner in the January 2015 feature, Top Doctors, in Portland Monthly Magazine!

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