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Treatment Oriented Massage


Whether the pain you are experiencing is physical or emotional, I strive to restore both harmony within your body and symmetrical function: left to right, front to back, inside to outside. My goal of helping my clients not only improve posture and range of motion, but also achieve a well-balanced self, has led me to develop an integrated, treatment-oriented style of massage.


Rather than diving straight into treatment and reactively pursuing your pain, I first observe how you are moving and your body’s non-verbal communication. Paired with the information you share with me, this helps me discover the root of your discomfort. Experience has proven that focusing on the whole self and treating the roots of imbalance, rather than the symptoms, is the foundation for living a strong, healthy, and productive life.


Through my twenty-four years as a massage therapist, I have developed knowledge and skill in a number of treatment modalities. In each session, I utilize techniques from a variety of these, culminating in a customized treatment. I implement myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy methods, active release strategies, as well as craniosacral therapy for each client as their needs dictate. I strive to create the best approach for you rather than trying to fit you into a standardized bodywork session.


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"I've had body work done by Laurie Webber off and on for several years. She is a passionate healer

with a methodical approach. She's solved several problems I've had and is an intuitive and insightful diagnostician who can find trouble spots and work deeply to trace the causes. She also is very giving with advice and has educated me on how to look after my body through routine exercises and stretches. I appreciate her practical and personable style and scheduling flexibility but mostly it's her specialist knowledge of human anatomy, strong touch and deep tissue body work that always makes me glad I found her! 

No one gets results like Laurie!"


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